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I was "tagged" by Natalia to list 8 things about myself that people don't commonly know. At least I think that's what I'm to do. I'm not all hip on how these things work, ya dig? I had never heard the term meme until the tag and now I've seen it twice in less than two days.

Things you never wanted to know:

1. When I was in junior high, I assigned genders to numbers during math class. There is no rhyme or reason other than numbers are male or female just because. 1-male, 2-female, 3-female, 4-female, 5-male, 6-female, 7-male, 8-female, 9-female, 10-male, 11-male, and so on. There is one exception, 0 - is pretty gender neutral but leans toward male. They (the numbers) also sometimes do and don't get along, as in they are friends or don't like each other. (Don't ask, I just don't know).

2. I have a slight obsession with Jhonen Vasquez's work. Not in a creepy stalker way, but in a creep fan-boy way. I have all of JtHM (with a signed issue 1 that I bought online), the JtHM directors cut, Squee, I Feel Sick, and all 3 seasons of Invader Zim, 2 JtHM shirts, 1 Gir sweatshirt, and a Gir lap blanket. (I even had the stinkiest air freshener known to man with Zim and Gir on it before I sold my car.) I read Jhonen's blog, which he RARELY ever posts to. I've also listened to all of the director commentary for Invader Zim for all 3 seasons. Just 2 days ago, I watched an hour long homemade video on Youtube of his panel discussion at the 2005 Comicon. I even quote lines from the previously mentioned works in my everyday life such as "Head pigeons" and "Wobbly-Headed".
Like, I would totally buy an "I Heart Jhonen Vasquez" shirt and wear it every day. Ok, so maybe in a creepy stalker kinda way =\

3. Dead things don't bother me. As in dead people, gore, guts, murder scene photos, mutilated and/or decomposing bodies, horror movies, skin diseases, animals hit by cars, that kinda of stuff. I can sit and eat while looking at stuff at (not pretty, don't go there). Doesn't gross me out at all. I'd probably make a good mortician. I should donate my body to Body Worlds some day. However, on the flip side, I watched a show about cosmetic surgery with a women getting a face lift, where they scraped her face skin loose from her skull, stretched it back and stapled it back on...BLUHG! icky. I also get queasy when getting shots or having to give blood. Needle pricks make me nauseous.

4. DavidLeeRothobia - When I was 5 years old I would wake up before my parents and go downstairs to watch TV (I think we were living in AR at the time). We only had a few channels and I would watch Mtv for lack of cartoons. There were 2 very popular videos at the time. Michael Jackson's Thriller, which I would turn off and sit in silence for a few minutes, turn the TV back on and continue watching the channel (it was scary and I woke mom up once and she told me not to watch it if it scared me). The other video was Van Halen's, Jump. This video also scared me only different. I would watch fixated as David Lee Roth made out with the camera doing pelvic thrusts and high splits in slow motion. Ever since I have been royally creeped out by his pervy faces and red spandex tights.
Eddie Van Halen's face kind of creeps me out when he does his guitar/keyboard solo thing too.

5. When I was in junior high, I decided the "perfect" guy for me was tall with dark hair and light skin with bedroom eyes. I drew a notch with a pencil on the edge of my closet door where no one could see that marked the height of my imaginary dream guy. You know, I marked how tall I was and then how tall he should be so I could pretend I was looking up into his eyes and we would have the perfect man-woman silhouette. Well, he turned out to be 6'4", little taller than I had figured for my 5'3" frame. But hey, don't we look like rock stars?Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

6. When I was 8 years old my step dad taught me to ride a 3-wheeler (AKA an All Terrain Vehicle -ATV). I spent many MANY hours of my childhood riding on a 3-wheeler, 4-wheeler or some such around our house in the country and through the surrounding fields. We even used to go riding where we would pack the bikes on a trailer and go to the Mississippi River levy and ride the trails. I haven't ridden an ATV in, well, 17-18 years I guess. I miss it very much.

7. Educational videos, field trips, and museums are awesome! I was probably the only kid in class who got excited when we had to watch a film. History, Literature, Science, Math. I love them all! I LOVE things like PBS and NOVA, the Discovery and History Channels (at least before they started doing the stupid reality knock-offs). I dig going to museums and science centers and pushing the buttons to hear the narrator come on and tell me about statistics and dates of things. Staged historical scenes with mannequins. Touring historical sites like Mt. Vernon and old plantation homes converted back to the way they were when they were built. I will stand and stare at each and every piece of artwork in a gallery. I'm like the robot from Short Circuit, "More input!"

8. I would give up the ability to dance for the ability to sing. I'm no ballerina but I at least have rhythm. I can't carry a tune to save my life. You know at birthday parties when you sing Happy Birthday and there is always that one person who is off key. That's me. I have always been deeply moved by lyrical song. The amount of feeling you can understand in the way the human voice can sound. I've always wanted to be able to express my emotions that way but just can't. And it pains me. So if you ever see me at the cross roads you'll know why I'm selling my soul to the devil.

Ok, now I think I'm supposed to tag someone else and such. But I spent so much time writing this up, and I have to go pay the rent.
Consider yourself lucky.


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Crystal said...

Aggh, I can't watch the face lift surgeries, either! I wanted to be a vet as a kid, so when we had the "shadow someone at work" thing at school, I went to vet's offices. I can watch surgeries while eating wheat thins, but face lifts creep me out!

You should come to Branson and see the Bodies exhibit! I haven't been yet, but it looks snazzy!