Sunday, July 15, 2007

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Vacation went very fast. Nevermind that there was a holiday and my birthday in there somewhere. But first let’s back up. The GDC Grand Opening was June 30th. Their little piece of studio real estate is quite cute. I especially like the wide mirrors and nifty movable dance floor. It is the kind that snaps together with 1x1 foot square panels. It is actually very stable and smooth. Unfortunately, the turn out of dancers and supports was so big that the air conditioner could not handle the capacity. I spent most of my time outside on the sidewalk where it was cooler. I missed many of the dances because of that but I haven’t been handling the heat well this year. I’m also not sure what the main space really looks like. It was so full of people and chairs there was only a small path to walk through. And, in my usual backwards-social-skills-sort of way I flubbed up some basic small talk with people new to me.
Random person, “Hello!”
Me, “Hi”
“…” =\

Once again, I have no pictures. I am beginning to wonder why I even bought a digital camera if I never remember to use it. I also didn’t dance to the “new” song I picked out. I lost confidence at the last moment and danced to an old song. Oh well.

My vacation week continued with a very uneventful 4th of July and birthday. I usually make it a part of my evening to walk outside and see at least 1 firework go off in the sky. I slept through all of that this year. And, somewhere in there was an “official” bday dinner with the in-laws. I spent my birthday working. A small group of us did go to Red Lobster for dinner in our work clothes and asked for the children’s’ menus so we color and play the games. The Dahlal gift certificate was prolly the awesomest bday gift but also the biggest pain. I spent a good hour on the web site try to decide what I want with no luck. I did also get a Visa gift card. I could put them together and get something bigger and more expensive I suppose. Hmmm.

I managed to make it out to the White Hart Ren Faire this year. Hung at Red Moon’s gypsy tent, wandered a bit, watched them dance. Yet again, forgot the camera. Luckily, the Five Rings fencing group took lots o’ pics… I got this spifty shisha and shell purse. AND I made it with no bug bites or sunburn!

I finally broke down and called A. about Greek Night. He said that he called and told me that it was July, 28th, etc…blah blah, then said maybe he “didn’t call me.” The whole time I’m yelling at him with the power of my mind, “NO YOU DIDN’T CALL ME! GOOD JOB MAKING SURE YOU ACTUALLY BOOKED YOUR ENTERTAINMENT BEFORE YOU ADVERTISED IT IN GO AND 417 MAGAZINE! GOOD THING I READ! OTHERWISE, YOU’D BE S.O.L.”

But, I don’t think he heard me. You know, GN used to be fun and something I looked forward to. Now, well, I’m just not feeling that way anymore. It’s becoming less of a treat and more like taking out the trash. A chore. Grumble, grumble…Not to mention, there is yet again, something else going on across town the same night that I should be attending and won’t be able to make it.


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Happy (late) Birthday!