Monday, July 30, 2007

Money Laundering

old GN picture with much cleaner money

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For anyone who has ever wondered about how glamorous it must be to bellydance here is a lesson in money laundering.
See, most times at Greek Night, tips are showered over a dancer or tossed at her feet while she dances. This past Saturday was a rainy stormy day leading to a beautifully icky wet floor where all of the tips landed and then were danced upon before being retrieved at the end of the show. Such happenings lead to damp muddy monies. They were both too gross to take to the bank or to give as payment for something. So, I dumped mine into my laundry bag and washed them on the gentle cycle. Literally.

They came out slightly more bearable but they still make me feel itchy after I touch them.

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