Friday, June 01, 2007


watch this!

i'm never gonna get any work done!


dropdeaddusty said...

Zoe is such a wicked bellydancer! *jealous sigh*

Naima said...

I've always had respect for dancers in the "tribal fusion" (for lack of a better term) genre. The Rachel Brice/Indigo style dancers, but Zoe...blew me away. Not only does she have the serious mucle control that is common amoungst these dancers but also the best music interpretation I've seen to this style. She didn't just hit the accents but played the music with her body (if that makes sense).
I've seriously watched this video over 15 times.

dropdeaddusty said...

LOL, yeah, I think YouTube is one of the best things to ever happen for bellydance, we can obsess over our favorites, for free! :-D

Daniela said...

DUDE! I FRICKIN LOVE ZOE!!!! Rachel brice is not very expressive when she dances, and i hate that. i hate it when dancers have this serious blank stare, especially with fusion. Zoe tells everyone to suck it and just goes ahead and expresses the shit out of her songs.