Friday, June 08, 2007

Blast from the past VI

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Mood: Kentucky Fried Chicken original recipe, slaw and mashed potatoes w/gravy. Ooo! and sweet tea, but from Mcalisters Deli.

This is a pic of Marsha and me after my very first solo performance. Pretty boring I know. But what you don't know is that I made that costume after seeing a black and gold one online with big beautiful gold coins hanging from it for $500. I threaded all of that fringe myself, but for the coins...I didn't know where to get any.
So my friend mentions how Bass Pro has these things called Jig Spinners that reminded him of the coins I needed. You put them on fishing lines to reflect light and get the fish's attention
I totally went to Bass Pro and bought a bunch of gold tear drop shaped Jig Spinners and put them on my costume.


That's hardcore Bellydance right there.



Jason said...

Hahahahahaha, I remember that!

dropdeaddusty said...

*woot!* Go Naima, you're the Martha Stewart of bellydance! :-D