Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Latest Greek Night Shinanigans

Pic: my candle tray, with lighter and "Stick-Um" candle adhesive. It's a sticky wax that holds the candles in place but never dries for easy removal.

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I must start off by saying my abs hurt today (Monday) from Greek Night on Saturday. I don’t think it’s because I danced my butt off but more along the lines of being out of shape from work. I am getting the “secretarial spread” from sitting on my rear 50hrs. a week leading to a disproportionate soreness in my abdomen from dancing. But then again, maybe I do dance my butt off for GN. It was pretty hot and humid this time around and I kept getting this cold wet noodle feeling on my back when I was dancing. Apparently, it is the fringe on my belt swing up and smacking me on my sweaty back. Mmmm, sweaty back noodles. Yumm!

I started my GN by not waking up until around 1:30pm that afternoon. DOH! So all of the things I wanted to do on my Saturday were blown out the window while I finished putting our 3 sets of music together, picking out costumes, bathing, hair, so on and so forth. I pulled out my candle tray to pack and it was covered with icing and candy sprinkles from the last birthday party I danced with cupcakes on it. DOUBLE DOH! Took me a while to get that back in working order.
I went to Sa’dia’s new apartment to get dressed in costume before we headed over to GN. I pulled out a kitchen chair to put on my hermes sandals and it unceremoniously dumped me into the floor. Sa’dia, through her laughing, tells me, “oops, that chair is broken!” Luckily no injury there. We got to Galloway around 8:40pm ready for the first set at 9pm. First, J. and A. were running around looking for an adaptor for the music console. A. ended up running to Wal-Mart. Then C., the owner, says he wants to run home and get a shower, so can we wait to dance until he gets back? Our set didn’t start until 9:30pm and C. didn’t go home until afterward. Meanwhile, there were grumbles of, “The Greeks!” “The Germans!” “I work with idiots!” “Too many people think they are in charge!” while we sat in the back office waiting for our next set to start. Every time I sat in one of the office chairs and they would jerk, I would almost have a heart attack thinking it was going to throw me into the floor as Sa’dia’s chair did.

The joys of changing in the back office include one of us having to hold the door while the other changes her bra. At one point in the evening while changing, Sa’dia said I was winking at her. I looked down to discover I wasn’t quite settled into my bra and part of me was “peeking” out over the top of it. Thank goodness for BD changing buddies.

To add to the wonderful evening, our music for the second set started in reverse. J. bumped us up to the 3rd set until he could figure out what was wrong. Sa’dia had to dance on glasses in the wrong skirt with her ankle brace still on because of the switch around. Luckily, her boyfriend had this really cool big round tray made out of stainless steel for her to dance on. It’s all shiny and smooth. He calls it her “Bellydance Shield.” And, I made really good tips that set for some reason. I think it was because I was so sweaty they just stuck to me instead of falling out of my belt as usual.

Lots of people I had not seen in a while showed up through out the evening. I tried to stop and talk with everyone since I normally don’t get the chance. Going back and forth from the air conditioned office to the humid dance floor made me all stuffy and sinusy. So, I apologize if I breathed my smelly sinus breath all over anyone. It’s not like I had to get right in your face and scream because the music was SO LOUD!

Then we were informed the next GN is going to by July 21st. NOOOO! The one workshop I’ve been planning since March of 2006 is that day! Sa’dia and I asked J. if they could reschedule and now we are waiting to hear back. Yeah, so I guess that pretty much sums up GN. Sweaty, sore, and I don’t know where I was originally going with this.

On different dance news, Dream Dancers are spearheading a new studio open to all forms of world dance, as well as other things. It is a place for all local dancers and troupes to hold their own classes and functions by renting time. That way we are all in one place but still able to focus on our own styles. The World Dance Studio, (I believe opened this week,) will be having their grand opening in a month or so once the mirrors are installed, etc. From my understanding, Jemina is taking care of the business end of things. You may know her as the organizer of the Springfield Bellydance Meetup. Contact her if you have questions or see below:

World Dance Studio
3165 S. Campbell Ave. Ste. C7
Springfield, MO 65807
417-881-4477 and

Places you might bump into me =)

Zivah Serpentina, May 19th 2007, presented by Sisters of the Moon,
@ O’bannon Community Building
315 E. Ramsey St.
Buffalo, MO. for flyer.
$30 at the door.

Jim Boz, July 21st, presented by Judy’s Creative Costuming
@ the Best Western Hotel
Hwy 65 South and Clinton Rd.
Sedalia, MO.
$50 by July 13th, $55 at the door.

Quote of the day:
“Stand up from the cubical,
The nine to five funeral,
Paint the smile on the frowns,
The frown of a corporate clown,
Being out with my friends,
Is the best way to deal with stress.”
Steve Ewing- Boys’ Night Out


PS. Hi mom =)


dropdeaddusty said...

LOL, what an adventure. I love how you described the insanity of it all. You've got a great blog, girl, keep up the good work! :-D

Crystal said...

I'm way late replying to this, but July 21 is also Harry Potter night! So they may lose part of their audience to the Potter!