Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bellydance in Local Magazine

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During the recent ICE STORM 2007! (you have to yell it like that) I came into ownership of the Sept. issue of 417 Magazine, (Sept 2006, Vol 9 Issue 9. p.46.) It contains a small article featuring the local bellydance meetup. I wanted to scan it into PDF but technology is not my friend right now. So, I took this fabulous picture of it that you can click on and hopefully read for yourself.
I must say that I don't like the article. I have yet to read any BD article in a non-bellydance publication that I like. Regardless of the authors intentions they always seem to come off condescending and use cheap bellydance cliches from the 70's instead of a thesaurus. I also really loathe 417 Magazine but read it when I come across one, (kinda like the people who hate Howard Stern but listen to him anyway just to justify their hatred for his show.) But here it is and you can decide for yourself.
Yes, I know the benefits of BD being highlighted in a popular magazine, bringing it to the masses and such. But deep down, I feel made fun of afterward. I'd almost rather have people in the world have misconceptions about BD then by reading a sub-par article and developing even more misconceptions when they try to read between the lines. Yeah, I know, want in one hand...
I worked a bit on my yellow costume. Right now, the skirt makes me look like a buoy floating in the ocean. Not to mention the yellow makes me look a little sickly. I have to figure out how to make it look a little more sculpted and add a complimentary color. I originally wanted to wear it for this Saturday's Greek Night but no go.


Jemina said...

Yeah, this article really ticked me off too. He even misquoted and put the wrong persons name who made the comment about male dancers.

Dread Pirate Crystal said...

The first sentence of it is quite possibly the worst, I hate the implication that his researching dance is somehow immoral.

Wait, are there one or two m's in immoral? Check me out, representing- "Bellydancers- they can't even SPELL moral!"