Friday, January 19, 2007

Ice Storm Part 2

Click for more pics of Ice Storm


Daniela said...

Daaaaaaamn. This is what I'll email my family & friends elsewhere to show them the damage springfield incurred.
The first chunk of the video, at Drury U. is of where I live. That area got hit pretty bad. A couple of blocks east of Benton Ave. were impassable for days. It took them about a week to clean up Drury Lane enough for cars to go through.
Anyways, thats a good video. ...all the trees are broken...
boy, I'm glad I've got my power back.

Naima said...

The drive by Druy there on Benton is my part of the neighborhood. We pull the car up infront of our house where the pole is in the street right before the video changes. Our friend Charles just moved back home last night. He lives off Commercial near Glenstone. I have more video but it is a huge file and I don't have the right software to compress it more without it looking like crap.